COVID-19 Resource Center

(Formerly titled the CARES Relief Act Resource Center)

Thank you for your interest in the COVID-19 Resource Center program from Beavercreek Marketing. The program includes educational videos and articles covering 17 consumer and business hot topics from the recently passed CARES Act Bill, plus banner ads, email templates, and social media samples to help spread the word.

Full Program now available
The Resource Center is available exclusively to Fiserv financial institutions and includes everything listed in the updates section below (Phases 1, 2, 3, and any supplemental updates). There is a one-time program fee of $1,000 invoiced directly by Beavercreek Marketing. After enrolling through the form below, you will be contacted by Beavercreek Marketing, with instructions for accessing the program through

The program has been renamed the COVID-19 Resource Center to account for future updates from Congress – these will be included with no additional fee. Multiple updates have already been added. 

 Important Updates to the COVID-19 Resource Center

Phase 3

  • Beavercreek Marketing has added an additional phase to help your businesses with understanding how to maximize the forgiveness amount of their PPP loan.

    1. A new article with detailed Q&As.

    2. Direct mail - 2 versions of a personal letter template, plus a direct mail version of the Q&As.

    3. Email - 2 versions of a personal email template

    4. New On-Demand Banner Ad - opens up the new article, with optional buttons to link to your online forgiveness application and/or your loan forgiveness calculator (application and calculator not included)

4/27 Update

  • With the ongoing activity surrounding the federal financial assistance programs, our team at Beavercreek has updated our COVID-19 Resource Center to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available. These updates include several new or updated articles and videos that have automatically been added to your account. Look for these new additions and updates:

    • Substantial new information about receiving stimulus payments and when to expect them.

    • A brand-new article titled: “Important updates on PPP and other loans for small businesses”.

    • An updated PPP video and article that removes references to the $349B funding that has now been expanded.

    • An updated EIDL article with additional information.

    • New information about eligibility for paid sick leave and expanded medical and family leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

    • An updated multi-topic On-Demand Banner Ad featuring the new topics.

    • Coming Soon! An all-new educational article focusing on the specifics of various coronavirus-related scams…and how to protect yourself.

Phase 2

  1. Educational Videos – total of 17 videos covering 11 consumer and 6 business topics

  2. All-in-one banner ad – automatically launches the consumer and business Resource Center pages including videos and articles – available on-demand in several sizes

  3. Business Resource Center pages – 6 topics each with a video and article

  4. Consumer Resource Center pages  – 11 topics each with a video and article

  5. Email templates for communicating key information to consumers and businesses

  6. Social media post samples

Phase 1

  1. PPP overview video

  2. All-in-one banner ad - launches the video, resource page, and links to your application or information – available on demand in several sizes

  3. PPP resource page containing the video and details of the program

  4. Email templates for communicating with your businesses

  5. Social media post samples

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*After enrolling, you will be contacted by Beavercreek Marketing with instructions for accessing the program through

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